Born in 1994 at Poland, software engineer – Patryk Roguszewski.

For an easier description way, I prefer to use unofficial, first-person speech, sorry!

I wrote my first lines of code in 2006 for creating custom modifications in the map for the self-hosted GTA SAMP server. Yes, when I was Young I tried my skills as a game modifier | scripter in PAWN. Those were good times! 8 years later I started my first commercial job in the IT world.

At work, I met with a lot of technologies, opportunities, victories, and losses. I always tried to save all useful information in my Evernote (lovely elephant notebook <3). One day, I decided to level up my notes – this was an initial step for creating I will try to provide high-quality, development content that has had a significant impact on the shape of my projects. I have also a second goal for my blog, I want to upgrade my language skills level. So if You see a dramatic grammar mistake, please give some feedback about it.

Besides creating software, I’m also interested in sports, especially lifting in the gym, swimming. I’m also a big fan of the keto diet, good books, tattoos, music, traditional & cryptocurrency markets, economics, lifestyle & heroes 3.

I can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Development in .Net Framework | .Net Core | Angular | Xamarin | Flutter,
  • Infrastructure cost optimization,
  • Open-source contributions,
  • Designing software architecture,
  • DevOps & process automatization,
  • Code review,
  • Microsoft SQL Server | PostgreSQL help,
  • Consulting & mentoring,
  • 3rd systems like GitLab | Redmine | Jira etc…
  • Workshops.



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