Hi, I’m Patryk Roguszewski, born in 1994 in Poland, and I’ve been passionate about software engineering since my early days. To keep things casual and relatable, I’ll be sharing my experiences in the first person. Hope you don’t mind!

My coding adventure began in 2006 when I dabbled in creating custom mods for a GTA SAMP server using PAWN. Fast forward eight years, I embarked on my professional journey in the IT world, which has been a blend of learning, challenges, and triumphs.

The idea for the-worst.dev sprouted from my habit of jotting down critical learnings in Evernote (yes, I migrated to the Notion). I realized it was time to evolve these notes into something bigger – a platform to share insightful, impactful development content that has shaped my projects.

But that’s not all. This blog also serves as a tool for me to polish my language skills. So, if you spot any grammatical blunders, feel free to point them out – I appreciate constructive feedback!

When I’m not coding, I indulge in sports like gym workouts and swimming. I’m also a keto diet enthusiast, a bookworm, a tattoo aficionado, and a music lover. Plus, I have a keen interest in traditional and cryptocurrency markets, economics, lifestyle, and, of course, Heroes 3.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • Development expertise in .Net, Angular, Postgres, Web3, Xamarin, Flutter.
  • Optimizing infrastructure costs.
  • Contributing to open-source projects.
  • Designing robust software architectures.
  • Streamlining processes with DevOps and automation.
  • Offering meticulous code reviews.
  • Providing support for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
  • Consulting and mentoring for tech enthusiasts.
  • Managing third-party systems like GitLab, Redmine, Jira, etc.
  • Conducting insightful workshops.

Join me on this exciting journey at the-worst.dev, where we explore the realms of software engineering together! Cheers!


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