Narena Games

Mulitentacy, modular monolith, web3-based application to transform any NFT erc-721 app into a browser game, integrated with Discord. Every tenant can be fully customized and deployed in less than 1 day. Real-time blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance) synchronization. Created from scratch by one person (website, frontend panel, backend).

Tech stack
Net 6.0 | Angular | Nuxt | RabbitMQ | PostgreSQL | Google Analytics | Infura | Nethereum | Entity Framework

Website (Nuxt)

Tenant (Angular)

Cryptocurrencies monitor design & developed from scratch by self. Micro-services architecture built on stack gRPC communication. The frontend has support for a reactive data source, all displayed data are always freshest and actual by SignalR (WebSocket) communication. CI / CD process is handled by the Azure portal.

Net Core | Angular Material | RabbitMQ | PostgreSQL | Workers | gRPC | SignalR

status: Offline (not profitable)

Lms platform for support schools in remote learning.

Design & developed by self from scratch.

The persistence layer is handled by the EF PostgreSQL framework. Backend architecture occurs in CQRS & Monolith architecture. Frontend is created by Angular Material 9 version. Files keeps in separately cdn structure handled by backend gateway. CI / CD processes are handle by Azure portal.

If You are interested to use it, feel free to contact with me :-).

Net Core | Angular Material | PostgreSQL | Docker | Linux | Azure

status: offline